This is Gracie, the author of Coffely.me and probably one of the biggest coffee addicts you’d ever find.

The Story of Coffeely

Coffee has been my go-to drink for decades. For some time, during college, it worked as the fuel for completing those assignments overnight.

While working at an office with a hectic schedule, a cup of coffee was the relieving agent at home.

It was a few years before that I turned into food blogging and started the real exploration of what coffee has to offer.

Since then, I’ve never had a day without caffeine in my life. There are no regrets, either.

I’m hyperactive and that just so happens to be the best thing when I want to talk about coffee and brewing. Change of taste has been one of the major things I had to face, you know.

As my tastes kept changing, I was looking for machines that brew the perfect cup.

During the journey, I’ve tested several brewing machines from various companies, like Keurig Coffee Maker, Espresso, Ninja Coffee Bar and of course Nespresso. I also happened to check out a few professional machines, thanks to the few baristas I’ve become friends with.

All along, I just wanted to find the perfect cup, which I’m still searching for.

At coffely.me, I’ll be sharing a few things I’ve learnt as a coffee enthusiast. We can talk about the best types of machines, some effective tips and a few ways to brew the best cup of coffee.

Being an addict, I hate to see it when people go for a good-for-nothing coffee machine, you know. So, I personally compile the lists based on personal experience and what users say. And, there happens to be a clean balance there.

Rest assured, let’s brew the best coffee from now.